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LEXINGTON | Drop in the Gutter A built-in gutter system is installed. A home built and remodeled by the same architects is toured.
  • Airdate Thursday, July 25, 2024 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Original11/16/2023
  • THOH4508


West Roxbury | Exploring Flooring New front stairs, a backdoor, walkway and cable rails are installed. A trade school is visited.
  • Original3/17/2022
  • THOH4321
West Roxbury | Father and Son A tub and radiant floor heating are installed in the bathrooms. The homeowner takes on drywall.
  • Original3/24/2022
  • THOH4322
West Roxbury | A Match Made Perfect Aluminum gutters that mimic wood are installed. Flooring is patched. A new shower gets waterproofed.
  • Original3/31/2022
  • THOH4323
West Roxbury | Boho Chic New kitchen cabinets and exhaust are installed. Tile layout and Boho Chic are discussed.
  • Original4/7/2022
  • THOH4324
West Roxbury | Focus on Finishes Countertop and hidden outlets are installed. Interior doors are hung, and crown molding is matched.
  • Original4/14/2022
  • THOH4325
West Roxbury | A Modern Victorian It’s a wrap at the 1894 Victorian in West Roxbury, MA. The new modern look is revealed to the crew.
  • Original4/21/2022
  • THOH4326
Saratoga Springs | TOH in Saratoga Spring It’s off to the races on a new project in Saratoga Springs, NY. Meet the homeowners and builder.
  • Original4/28/2022
  • THOH4327
Saratoga Springs | New Vision The homeowners take on demo and buttress the backyard against incoming machinery and foot traffic.
  • Original5/5/2022
  • THOH4328
Saratoga Springs | Old Woes A visit to the Saratoga Springs Race Course. At the house, changes to framing and living plans.
  • Original5/12/2022
  • THOH4329
Saratoga Springs | Secret Gardens Short Description: A summer garden tour. The new basement gets insulated concrete forms, a slab, and a staircase.
  • Original5/19/2022
  • THOH4330
Saratoga Springs | Raise the Roof The old foundation is repointed, and a steel beam goes in the basement. Roof trusses are made in PA.
  • Original5/26/2022
  • THOH4331
Saratoga Springs | Up and Away A new chimney is made to look old. Kitchen cabinets are picked. Kevin takes a hot air balloon ride.
  • Original6/2/2022
  • THOH4332
Saratoga Springs | Old House New Supports A new flooring system is installed. An old porch is saved. Steel I-beams and trusses are installed.
  • Original6/23/2022
  • THOH4333
Saratoga Springs | Neighbors on Ice Drainpipes are hidden in coffered ceilings. A DIY skate rink gets neighbors together.
  • Original6/30/2022
  • THOH4334
Saratoga Springs | Amped Up A window is repurposed; a heat pump is introduced; the house calls for various types of insulation.
  • Original7/7/2022
  • THOH4335
Saratoga Springs | Watertight Doghouse Dormers New plumbing lines are run, fire sprinklers are installed, and doghouse dormers are made watertight.
  • Original7/14/2022
  • THOH4336
Saratoga Springs | Smooth Finish An automatic irrigation system is installed. The ICF foundation gets a stucco-like finish.
  • Original7/21/2022
  • THOH4337
Saratoga Springs | Pantry Problems Cabinetry is installed in the pantry. The homeowner prepares and paints the exterior PVC trim.
  • Original7/28/2022
  • THOH4338
Saratoga Springs | A Legacy Restored It’s a wrap on the multigenerational 1864 Dutch Colonial. The crew gets a tour of the finish.
  • Original8/4/2022
  • THOH4339
Atlanta | Welcome to Atlanta The crew heads to south to Atlanta, GA where work on an 1890s Victorian is about to begin.
  • Original9/29/2022
  • THOH4401
Atlanta | Unsafe Structures Unsafe structures are uncovered and demolished. A lending library is built, and an oak tree saved.
  • Original10/6/2022
  • THOH4402
Atlanta | School of HVAC A stem wall foundation is built, the crawl space gets vapor barrier, and the homeowner learns HVAC.
  • Original10/13/2022
  • THOH4403
Atlanta | Cardboard Kitchen New framing is up, and ducting is run. Cardboard boxes make for a real kitchen feel.
  • Original10/20/2022
  • THOH4404
ATLANTA | Whole House Protection Progress is made on the interior and exterior of the house. Tyler Perry Studios is toured.
  • Original10/27/2022
  • THOH4405
ATLANTA | Respecting the Old While Adding the New Care is taken to respect the old details of the home. Dr. King Jr.’s birth home is visited.
  • Original11/3/2022
  • THOH4406
ATLANTA | Repointed and Planted A medicinal herb garden is planted, and custom shelves are built from reclaimed lumber.
  • Original11/10/2022
  • THOH4407
ATLANTA | Families Meet The 1890s Victorian restored. The current homeowners meet the family of the old. The home is toured.
  • Original11/17/2022
  • THOH4408
NEWBURYPORT | Shipwrights and Sea Captains The crew is back in Massachusetts to start a new project in the town of Newburyport.
  • Original1/5/2023
  • THOH4409
NEWBURYPORT | Powering Through The main power is disconnected, the old bump out is demoed, and the bathroom is tested for asbestos.
  • Original1/12/2023
  • THOH4410
NEWBURYPORT | Demo Find An old staircase is replaced, a retaining wall is built, and the old water lines are replaced.
  • Original1/19/2023
  • THOH4411
NEWBURYPORT | Design Talk Roof shingles and exterior window trims are installed. The homeowners talk about interior design.
  • Original1/26/2023
  • THOH4412
NEWBURYPORT | Off-the-Shelf Custom Look The yard is planted, a custom home office is built, and an EV charger is installed.
  • Original2/2/2023
  • THOH4413
NEWBURYPORT | Bed Race It’s a wrap on the Newburyport project, but first, the crew takes part in the annual town bed race.
  • Original2/9/2023
  • THOH4414
IPSWICH | This Really Old House The crew starts one of their oldest projects yet, a first period home in the town of Ipswich, MA.
  • Original3/23/2023
  • THOH4415
IPSWICH | Secrets Behind the Wall The architect shares his vision for the property. A lesson on first period homes is given.
  • Original3/30/2023
  • THOH4416
IPSWICH | Prep-Work Preparation for the new foundation begins. A centuries old cistern is uncovered.
  • Original4/6/2023
  • THOH4417
IPSWICH | Careful Considerations The timber frame ell is carefully dismantled. A new fireplace is considered for the original house.
  • Original4/13/2023
  • THOH4418
IPSWICH | Below Grade Plumbing The timber frame is restored. Plumbing is run for a below grade bathroom. Kevin goes clamming.
  • Original4/20/2023
  • THOH4419
IPSWICH | Rebuilding Centuries The restored timber frame structure is reassembled on site. The steel ridge beam is craned in place.
  • Original4/27/2023
  • THOH4420
IPSWICH | Exposing Problems A warm roof is installed. Options are explored to light the new ell with the old, exposed lumber.
  • Original5/4/2023
  • THOH4421
IPSWICH | First Things First The challenge of ducting a first period home is solved. Old material disguises a new repair.
  • Original5/11/2023
  • THOH4422
IPSWICH | Factory Built A rainwater harvesting system is installed. The new factory-built boathouse is assembled on site.
  • Original5/18/2023
  • THOH4423
IPSWICH | New Life The old roof boards are installed in the new ell. A carpenter talks about leaving his corporate job.
  • Original5/25/2023
  • THOH4424
IPSWICH | Look-Alike New wide plank floorboards mimic the look of the original flooring. A soapstone sink is fabricated.
  • Original6/15/2023
  • THOH4425
IPSWICH | A Period Restoration The modest 1720’s gambrel has been restored. The crew gets a tour of the changes from homeowners.
  • Original6/22/2023
  • THOH4426
LEXINGTON | ON A MISSION In Lexington, MA the crew is charged to make a mid-century modern accessible for an active family.
  • Original9/28/2023
  • THOH4501
LEXINGTON | SHORE WE CAN The interior is demoed, and rebuilding has begun. The new design and energy code are explained.
  • Original10/5/2023
  • THOH4502
LEXINGTON | THE BIG DIG A block wall tunnel connects the old and new mechanical room and HVAC ducting is buried underground.
  • Original10/12/2023
  • THOH4503
LEXINGTON | ENGINEERED FOR ACCESSIBILITY Engineered beams create an open floor plan and accessible bathroom design tips are shared.
  • Original10/19/2023
  • THOH4504
LEXINGTON | GONE GEO A zero-threshold entry to the patio is framed. Geothermal energy is explained, and wells are dug.
  • Original10/26/2023
  • THOH4505
LEXINGTON| Reworked and Rewired Work continues on the geothermal system. Blocking is installed, and old receptacles are replaced.
  • Original11/2/2023
  • THOH4506
LEXINGTON | Ramping Up Repairs are made to the original brick. A DIY ramp is built, and a modern accessible home is toured.
  • Original11/9/2023
  • THOH4507
LEXINGTON | Drop in the Gutter A built-in gutter system is installed. A home built and remodeled by the same architects is toured.
  • Airdate Thursday, July 25, 2024 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Original11/16/2023
  • THOH4508
LEXINGTON | Phased Out The foundation gets a stucco finish. Siding is installed, and the back patio gets proper drainage.
  • Original11/23/2023
  • THOH4509
LEXINGTON | Seven Layer Floors The foundation gets a stucco finish. Siding is installed, and the back patio gets proper drainage.
  • Original11/23/2023
  • THOH4510
LEXINGTON| Electrical Bond It’s therapy pool day. The front ramp is poured, and the elevator disconnects are installed.
  • Original1/18/2024
  • THOH4511
LEXINGTON | Upcycled The elevator cab is built. The kitchen island gets a modern finish. Solar panels are installed.
  • Original1/25/2024
  • THOH4512
LEXINGTON | Install with Care Work begins on the internal geothermal systems. Exterior in-wall lighting is installed.
  • Original2/1/2024
  • THOH4513
LEXINGTON | All in the Family Landscape planting begins. The homeowners give an interview on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
  • Original2/8/2024
  • THOH4514
LEXINGTON| Judgement Day The geothermal is in, the kitchen appliances are installed, and the new HERS score is revealed.
  • Original2/15/2024
  • THOH4515
LEXINGTON | Accessible Made Modern The 1960 mid-century modern home has been made fully accessible. The crew is back for a tour.
  • Original2/22/2024
  • THOH4516
GLEN RIDGE| Multi-Generational The crew head to New Jersey for the second project of the season – an 1897 Victorian in Glen Ridge.
  • Original3/28/2024
  • THOH4517
GLEN RIDGE | Vintage Demo has begun, a chimney is demolished, and the roof reframed. Asbestos is abated.
  • Original4/8/2024
  • THOH4518