NATURE on PBS brings rich and rewarding stories from the wild to homes across America. Forty years on, it is the premier voice for the natural world, an essential lens on the creatures, great and small, that sustain us all on our living planet.

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Niagara Falls Embark to Niagara Falls and witness its amazing beauty and the wildlife that call it home.
  • Airdate Wednesday, May 29, 2024 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Original4/19/2023
  • NAAT4108
Soul of the Ocean Experience the soul of the ocean in a never-before-seen look at how life underwater co-exists.
  • Airdate Wednesday, June 12, 2024 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Original1/25/2023
  • NAAT4106


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The Beauty of Ugly

NATURE explores how and why ugly can be beautiful — even when it isn't pretty.

  • Original11/18/2007
  • NAAT2504
Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La

Investigate a unique monkey society formed in response to the hardships of the Himalayas.

  • Original4/29/2015
  • NAAT3211
Soul of the Elephant

Take an intimate look at elephants through the lens of perhaps the greatest storytellers of natural history.

  • Original10/14/2015
  • NAAT3304
Moose: Life of a Twig Eater

Travel to Canada’s Rockies and into the world of moose to experience a calf’s first year of life.

  • Original2/10/2016
  • NAAT3310
My Congo

Journey across the Congo with a wildlife cameraman who discovers an “African Eden” in his homeland.

  • Original10/19/2016
  • NAAT3402
Sex, Lies and Butterflies  Follows the lives of butterflies from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to the emergence of the full-blown, winged creature.
  • Original4/4/2018
  • NAAT3509
A Squirrel's Guide to Success Follow a guide to the squirrel’s success along with an orphan red squirrel called Billy.
  • Original11/14/2018
  • NAAT3604
Dogs in the Land of Lions Follow a close-knit family of wild dogs growing up in a land ruled by lions.
  • Original11/21/2018
  • NAAT3605
Equus: The Story of the Horse "Origins" Travel around the world to uncover the history of mankind’s relationship with the horse.
  • Original1/16/2019
  • NAAT3608
Equus: The Story of the Horse "Chasing the Wind" Travel around the world to uncover the history of mankind’s relationship with the horse.
  • Original1/23/2019
  • NAAT3609
Living Volcanoes Uncover the variety of activity that occurs on the slopes of active volcanoes.
  • Original2/20/2019
  • NAAT3611

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