The award-winning POV (a cinema term for “point of view”) series is the longest-running showcase on television to feature the work of America's best contemporary-issue independent filmmakers.

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How to Have an American Baby An intimate look behind the closed doors of the Chinese birth tourism industry in the US.
  • Airdate Monday, December 11, 2023 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
  • Original12/11/2023
  • AMDO3614

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On the Divide The lives of three Latinx people intersect at the last abortion clinic on the border in McAllen, Texas.
  • Original4/18/2022
  • AMDO3413
He's My Brother Explore how a sister works to assure a dignified life for her brother born with multiple disabilities.
  • Original8/1/2022
  • AMDO3504
President See how a new leader takes on the corrupt ruling party in Zimbabwe's 2018 presidential election.
  • Original8/8/2022
  • AMDO3505
Faya Dayi Enter the world of hypnotic immersion in Ethiopia where khat, a euphoria-inducing plant, holds sway.
  • Original8/29/2022
  • AMDO3506
Love & Stuff Experience a multigenerational love story about what it is we really need to leave our children.
  • Original9/5/2022
  • AMDO3507
Delikado Follow ecological crusaders protecting the island of Palawan, one of Asia's tourist hotspots.
  • Original9/26/2022
  • AMDO3508
The Last Out Three Cuban baseball players risk exile to chase their dreams of playing in the major leagues.
  • Original10/3/2022
  • AMDO3509
Accepted Follow a prep school in Louisiana that sends 100% of its grads to college is rocked by scandal.
  • Original10/10/2022
  • AMDO3510
Act of Worship A diverse range of Muslim Americans recount the past 30 years of pivotal moments in U.S. history and policy from their own perspectives.
  • Original10/17/2022
  • AMDO3511
Midwives Two women in a region beset by violent ethnic divisions run a makeshift medical clinic.
  • Original11/21/2022
  • AMDO3512
Let the Little Light Shine An academic beacon for Black children on Chicago’s South Side battles gentrification.
  • Original12/12/2022
  • AMDO3513

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