On the Divide The lives of three Latinx people intersect at the last abortion clinic on the border in McAllen, Texas.
  • Original4/18/2022
  • AMDO3413
He's My Brother Explore how a sister works to assure a dignified life for her brother born with multiple disabilities.
  • Original8/1/2022
  • AMDO3504
President See how a new leader takes on the corrupt ruling party in Zimbabwe's 2018 presidential election.
  • Original8/8/2022
  • AMDO3505
Faya Dayi Enter the world of hypnotic immersion in Ethiopia where khat, a euphoria-inducing plant, holds sway.
  • Original8/29/2022
  • AMDO3506
Love & Stuff Experience a multigenerational love story about what it is we really need to leave our children.
  • Original9/5/2022
  • AMDO3507
Delikado Follow ecological crusaders protecting the island of Palawan, one of Asia's tourist hotspots.
  • Original9/26/2022
  • AMDO3508
The Last Out Three Cuban baseball players risk exile to chase their dreams of playing in the major leagues.
  • Original10/3/2022
  • AMDO3509
Accepted Follow a prep school in Louisiana that sends 100% of its grads to college is rocked by scandal.
  • Original10/10/2022
  • AMDO3510
Act of Worship A diverse range of Muslim Americans recount the past 30 years of pivotal moments in U.S. history and policy from their own perspectives.
  • Original10/17/2022
  • AMDO3511
Midwives Two women in a region beset by violent ethnic divisions run a makeshift medical clinic.
  • Original11/21/2022
  • AMDO3512
Let the Little Light Shine An academic beacon for Black children on Chicago’s South Side battles gentrification.
  • Original12/12/2022
  • AMDO3513
After Sherman Explore a poetic quest in coastal South Carolina that unearths Black inheritance amidst a violent past.
  • Original6/26/2023
  • AMDO3601
A Story of Bones Annina van Neel learns about an unmarked mass burial ground of an estimated 9,000 formerly enslaved Africans.
  • Original7/3/2023
  • AMDO3602
Liquor Store Dreams Two Korean American children of liquor store owners reconcile their own dreams with those of their immigrant parents.
  • Original7/10/2023
  • AMDO3603
A House Made of Splinters A House Made of Splinters chronicles three displaced kids who, despite the perils surrounding them, find moments of joy and friendship, with the aid of dedicated social workers who work tirelessly to protect them from harm.
  • Original7/17/2023
  • AMDO3604
Eat Your Catfish Eat Your Catfish delivers a brutally frank and darkly humorous portrait of a family teetering on the brink, grappling with the daily demands of disability and in-home caregiving.
  • Original7/24/2023
  • AMDO3605
Children of the Mist A Hmong girl living in rural Northern Vietnam is caught between tradition and modernity.
  • Original7/31/2023
  • AMDO3605
While We Watched A timely depiction of a newsroom in crisis, While We Watched follows tormented Ravish Kumar for two years as he battles a barrage of “fake news,” falling ratings and the resulting cutbacks.
  • Original9/4/2023
  • AMDO3607
Bulls and Saints After 20 years of living in the United States, an undocumented family decides to return home. Little do they know it will be the most difficult journey of their lives and reawaken an intense desire for a place to belong.
  • Original9/18/2023
  • AMDO3608
Murders That Matter African American, Muslim mother Movita Johnson-Harrell transforms from a victim of violent trauma into a fierce advocate against gun violence in Black communities.
  • Original9/25/2023
  • AMDO3609
Aurora's Sunrise A teenage girl escapes a genocide and makes a meteoric rise to Hollywood stardom.
  • Original10/23/2023
  • AMDO3611
Fire Through Dry Grass An unlikely group of nursing home residents launch a movement during the pandemic.
  • Original10/30/2023
  • AMDO3612
Wisdom Gone Wild In this reflection on aging and transformation, a woman with dementia reinvents herself.
  • Original11/20/2023
  • AMDO3613
How to Have an American Baby An intimate look behind the closed doors of the Chinese birth tourism industry in the US.
  • Original12/11/2023
  • AMDO3614
Brief Tender Light At MIT, an alum follows four African students striving to become change agents for home.
  • Original1/15/2024
  • AMDO3615
unseen An aspiring social worker faces the uncertainty of life as a blind, undocumented immigrant.
  • Original3/18/2024
  • AMDO3617