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Discover America’s leading home improvement series, the Emmy® Award-winning THIS OLD HOUSE®. Follow home renovations from start to finish with America’s favorite team of experts –Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Jenn Nawada and Kevin O’Connor.

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LEXINGTON | ENGINEERED FOR ACCESSIBILITY Engineered beams create an open floor plan and accessible bathroom design tips are shared.
  • Airdate Thursday, November 30, 2023 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Original10/19/2023
  • THOH4504
LEXINGTON | GONE GEO A zero-threshold entry to the patio is framed. Geothermal energy is explained, and wells are dug.
  • Airdate Thursday, December 7, 2023 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Original10/26/2023
  • THOH4505
LEXINGTON| Reworked and Rewired Work continues on the geothermal system. Blocking is installed, and old receptacles are replaced.
  • Airdate Thursday, December 14, 2023 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Original11/2/2023
  • THOH4506

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Concord: Planting for the Future Kevin takes a trip to Pennsylvania. Charlie has an idea for a thermal break. Jenn begins planting.
  • Original12/16/2021
  • THOH4310
Concord: Smaller is Better A skylight is installed. Kevin tours a range factory established 1880. Wood gutters are repaired.
  • Original12/23/2021
  • THOH4311
Concord: Toasty Cars Richard walks through the steps of radiant floor heating in the garage. Mark comes to pour concrete.
  • Original12/30/2021
  • THOH4312
Concord: Race to the Finish Kevin visits a window repair shop. Out with the old boiler system, preparation begins for a new.
  • Original1/6/2022
  • THOH4313
Concord: Sunshine Power The house gets a new deck and solar system. HVAC zoning is discussed. The basement is insulated.
  • Original1/13/2022
  • THOH4314
Concord: All in the Details It’s a race to the finish line at the Concord Cape with finishing touches going on inside and out.
  • Original1/20/2022
  • THOH4315
Concord: Fabulous Cape The Concord Country Cape has evolved from a tiny cottage to a large light filled modern home.
  • Original1/27/2022
  • THOH4316
West Roxbury | Small Town in a Big City Our crew meets the homeowners and builder of an 1890s Colonial and discuss plans for the project.
  • Original2/3/2022
  • THOH4317
West Roxbury | Pruning 101 Inside is opened up. Outside, its landscaping and Pruning 101. Kitchen cabinet selections are made.
  • Original2/10/2022
  • THOH4318
West Roxbury | Drain Pipe Puzzle The yard gets an Elm tree. New window trim and siding is installed. A plumbing puzzle is solved.
  • Original2/17/2022
  • THOH4319
West Roxbury | Outdoor Oasis Ipe and a dual fuel system are installed. A brick patio is laid. Corbels are restored in Dracut.
  • Original2/24/2022
  • THOH4320

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