INDEPENDENT LENS is an Emmy® Award-winning PBS documentary series. With founding executive producer Lois Vossen, the series has been honored with 10 Academy Award nominations and features documentaries united by the creative freedom, artistic achievement, and unflinching visions of independent filmmakers. Stream anytime on the PBS app. For more visit pbs.org/independentlens.


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Love in the Time of Fentanyl A drug consumption site gives hope to a community ravaged by the overdose crisis.
  • INLE
Wilhemina’s War

Witness a Southern grandmother’s struggles to help her family through the scourge of HIV.

  • Original2/29/2016
  • INLE1711

Explore the complex life of Winnie Mandela and her decades-long struggle to bring down Apartheid.

  • Original2/5/2018
  • INLE
People's Republic of Desire

For young Chinese raised on social media, virtual relationships are replacing real-life connections.

  • Original2/25/2019
  • INLE2012
Decade of Fire

Discover why the Bronx burned in the 1970s and meet those who chose to resist, remain and rebuild.

  • Original11/4/2019
  • INLE2102

Discover the inspiring true story of legendary Alaska Native dogsled champion George Attla.

  • Original12/16/2019
  • INLE2105
Jim Allison: Breakthrough

Meet a visionary doctor discovering a new way to use the immune system to help defeat cancer.

  • Original4/27/2020
  • INLE2115
Pipe Dreams

Follow four ultra-talented young people playing in the Canadian International Organ Competition.

  • Original6/22/2020
  • INLE2119
Coded Bias Join the fight to expose threats to civil liberties posed by our new data-driven, automated world.
  • Original3/22/2021
  • INLE2211
A Reckoning in Boston A white filmmaker collaborates with Clemente Course students of color to reckon racial history.
  • Original1/17/2022
  • INLE2306
Missing in Brooks County An activist detective searches for missing migrants in rural South Texas.
  • Original1/31/2022
  • INLE2307

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