Explore the lives and creative journeys of America’s most enduring artistic and cultural giants. With insight and originality, the series illuminates the extraordinary mosaic of our nation’s landscape, heritage and traditions.

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Blake Edwards: A Love Story in 24 Frames

Discover the life and career of director Blake Edwards, one of Hollywood’s most iconic figures.

  • Airdate Tuesday, August 27, 2024 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Original8/27/2024
  • AMMS
VOCES "Julia Alvarez: A Life Reimagined"

Explore the life and career of Julia Alvarez, one of the most influential Latina writers of her generation.

  • Airdate Tuesday, September 17, 2024 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Original9/17/2024
  • AMMS

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AMMS Shorts 2024
  • AMMS
Tyrus Wong Discover the art, life and enduring impact of the Chinese American painter behind “Bambi.”
  • Original9/8/2017
  • AMMS3102

Discover the choreographer Alvin Ailey, whose dances center on the Black experience with grace, strength and beauty.

  • Original1/11/2022
  • AMMS
Waterman - Duke: Ambassador of Aloha

Jason Momoa narrates the inspiring story of five-time Olympic medalist and surfer Duke Kahanamoku.

  • Original5/10/2022
  • AMMS3501
Joe Papp in Five Acts

Papp, founder of The Public Theater and Free Shakespeare in the Park, believed great art is for all.

  • Original6/3/2022
  • AMMS
Brian Wilson - Long Promised Road

Explore the life and career of the legendary singer, songwriter and co-founder of The Beach Boys.

  • Original6/14/2022
  • AMMS3502
Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On

See the story of the Indigenous singer-songwriter, social activist, educator and artist. 

  • Original11/22/2022
  • AMMS3405
The Adventures of Saul Bellow

Explore Nobel Prize winner Saul Bellow's impact on American literature. 

  • Original12/12/2022
  • AMMS
Groucho & Cavett

Discover the enduring friendship between legendary comedians Dick Cavett and Groucho Marx. 

  • Original12/27/2022
  • AMMS3504
Roberta Flack

Discover music icon Roberta Flack’s rise to stardom and triumphs over racism and sexism.

  • Original1/24/2023
  • AMMS
Dr. Tony Fauci

Join Dr. Anthony Fauci as he reflects on his life and career as a public health advocate.

  • Original3/21/2023
  • AMMS

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