Part adventure, part history lesson, part treasure hunt, 21-time Emmy® Award nominated ANTIQUES ROADSHOW began its 27th broadcast season in 2023 and is the most watched ongoing primetime PBS series. The series is produced by GBH for PBS under license from the BBC. The executive producer is Marsha Bemko. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is sponsored by Ancestry and American Cruise Lines. Additional funding is provided by public television viewers.

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Vintage Tucson 2021 Hour 1

Revisit tremendous Tucson treasures from 15 years ago, including a $90,000-$115,000 appraisal.

  • Original1/25/2021
  • ANRO2504
Vintage Tucson 2021, Hour 2 Have blazing hot Tucson appraisals cooled down since 2006? Not for one $65,000-$110,000 find!
  • Original2/1/2021
  • ANRO2505
Vintage Orlando, Hour 1 See if Sunshine State appraisals still sparkle after 14 years, like one $165,000-$250,000 treasure.
  • Original2/8/2021
  • ANRO2506
Vintage Orlando, Hour 2 Learn how outstanding Orlando items have held up in the market, including a $120,000-$180,000 find!
  • Original2/15/2021
  • ANRO2507
Vintage Spokane, Hour 1 Discover what Spokane finds from Season 12 are worth now, including one $80,000-$120,000 standout!
  • Original2/22/2021
  • ANRO2508
Vintage Spokane, Hour 2 Journey to the Pacific Northwest to learn if the value of antique finds held strong or headed south!
  • Original3/15/2021
  • ANRO2509
Vintage Louisville 2021, Hour 1 Giddy-up to Derby City for updated Season 12 appraisals, including one that’s $150,000-$200,000!
  • Original3/22/2021
  • ANRO2510
Vintage Louisville 2021, Hour 2 Look back at Louisville treasures from 2007 including an appraisal that has skyrocketed to $125,000!
  • Original3/29/2021
  • ANRO2511
Vintage Las Vegas 2021, Hour 1 14 years later, do Las Vegas appraisals still hit the jackpot? One is now worth $165,000-$175,000!
  • Original4/12/2021
  • ANRO2512
Vintage Las Vegas 2021, Hour 2 Have the values of Vegas treasures gone up, down, or stayed the same since 2007? Place your bets!
  • Original4/19/2021
  • ANRO2513
Vintage Wichita What are wonderful Wichita treasures from 13 years ago worth today? One’s now appraised for $55,000!
  • Original4/26/2021
  • ANRO2514

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