Vintage Tucson 2021 Hour 1

Revisit tremendous Tucson treasures from 15 years ago, including a $90,000-$115,000 appraisal.

  • Original1/25/2021
  • ANRO2504
Vintage Tucson 2021, Hour 2 Have blazing hot Tucson appraisals cooled down since 2006? Not for one $65,000-$110,000 find!
  • Original2/1/2021
  • ANRO2505
Vintage Orlando, Hour 1 See if Sunshine State appraisals still sparkle after 14 years, like one $165,000-$250,000 treasure.
  • Original2/8/2021
  • ANRO2506
Vintage Orlando, Hour 2 Learn how outstanding Orlando items have held up in the market, including a $120,000-$180,000 find!
  • Original2/15/2021
  • ANRO2507
Vintage Spokane, Hour 1 Discover what Spokane finds from Season 12 are worth now, including one $80,000-$120,000 standout!
  • Original2/22/2021
  • ANRO2508
Vintage Spokane, Hour 2 Journey to the Pacific Northwest to learn if the value of antique finds held strong or headed south!
  • Original3/15/2021
  • ANRO2509
Vintage Louisville 2021, Hour 1 Giddy-up to Derby City for updated Season 12 appraisals, including one that’s $150,000-$200,000!
  • Original3/22/2021
  • ANRO2510
Vintage Louisville 2021, Hour 2 Look back at Louisville treasures from 2007 including an appraisal that has skyrocketed to $125,000!
  • Original3/29/2021
  • ANRO2511
Vintage Las Vegas 2021, Hour 1 14 years later, do Las Vegas appraisals still hit the jackpot? One is now worth $165,000-$175,000!
  • Original4/12/2021
  • ANRO2512
Vintage Las Vegas 2021, Hour 2 Have the values of Vegas treasures gone up, down, or stayed the same since 2007? Place your bets!
  • Original4/19/2021
  • ANRO2513
Vintage Wichita What are wonderful Wichita treasures from 13 years ago worth today? One’s now appraised for $55,000!
  • Original4/26/2021
  • ANRO2514
Best Bargains Steals and deals abound as ROADSHOW features great bargains like a $15,000-$25,000 flea market find!
  • Original10/18/2021
  • ANRO2521
True Colors Feast your eyes on a rainbow of ROADSHOW’s most colorful treasures, including a $100,000 find!
  • Original11/8/2021
  • ANRO2524
Sands Point, Hour 2 See spectacular finds at Sands Point Preserve, like a $120,000 treasure!
  • Original1/31/2022
  • ANRO2605
Sands Point Preserve, Hour 3 Enjoy plenty of picturesque appraisals at Sands Point Preserve. Predict which has a $100,000 value!
  • Original2/7/2022
  • ANRO2606
Omni Mount Washington Resort, Hour 1 Don’t miss out on peak Omni Mount Washington Resort finds. Which is appraised for up to $150,000?
  • Original2/14/2022
  • ANRO2607
Omni Mount Washington Resort, Hour 2 Can you handle these historic New Hampshire treasures? Guess which is valued at $50,000-$60,000!
  • Original2/21/2022
  • ANRO2608
Omni Mount Washington Resort, Hour 3 Wrap up ROADSHOW’s three-part visit to Omni Mount Washington Resort with outstanding treasures!
  • Original3/21/2022
  • ANRO2609
Let's Celebrate! Let’s remember the joy connected to treasures that exude a celebratory spirit!
  • Original3/28/2022
  • ANRO2622
Grounds For Sculpture, Hour 1 ROADSHOW reveals remarkable appraisals at Grounds for Sculpture, including an $80,000-$120,000 find!
  • Original4/11/2022
  • ANRO2610
Natural Wonders ROADSHOW explores fascinating treasures that capture the beauty and power of our natural world.
  • Original4/18/2022
  • ANRO2623
Grounds for Sculpture, Hour 2 Garden State treasures bloom when ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visits the Grounds For Sculpture.
  • Original4/25/2022
  • ANRO2611
Grounds for Sculpture, Hour 3 Enjoy fascinating finds at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ including a $100,000 appraisal!
  • Original5/2/2022
  • ANRO2612
Colonial Williamsburg, Hour 1 Journey back in time with enchanting appraisals at Colonial Williamsburg. One is up to $125,000!
  • Original5/9/2022
  • ANRO2613
Colonial Williamsburg, Hour 2 Discover more standout treasures from Colonial Williamsburg, including a $50,000 to $100,000 find!
  • Original5/16/2022
  • ANRO2614
Colonial Williamsburg, Hour 3 Catch captivating appraisals at Colonial Williamsburg, including a $30,000 to $100,000 appraisal!
  • Original5/23/2022
  • ANRO2615
Musical Scores Get ready for rockin’, rollin’ and ROADSHOW with musical appraisals valued up to $220,000!
  • Original5/30/2022
  • ANRO2624
Vintage Palm Springs, Hour 1 Journey back to Palm Springs for sizzling finds, like an updated appraisal of $400,000 to $600,000!
  • Original10/3/2022
  • ANRO2616
Vintage Palm Springs, Hour 2 Travel to desert oasis Palm Springs and learn which finds are now heating up!
  • Original10/10/2022
  • ANRO2617
Vintage Grand Rapids, Hour 1 Watch glorious Grand Rapids finds and guess which treasures have soared since 2008!
  • Original10/17/2022
  • ANRO2618
Vintage Grand Rapids, Hour 2 Magnificent Michigan appraisals revisited 13 years after ROADSHOW's stop in Grand Rapids!
  • Original10/24/2022
  • ANRO2619
Vintage San Antonio, Hour 1 Travel with ROADSHOW to Texas for updated Season 12 appraisals including a $120,000 find!
  • Original10/31/2022
  • ANRO2620
Vintage San Antonio, Hour 2 Which San Antonio finds have soared since 2007? Guess the find that jumped to $80,000!
  • Original11/7/2022
  • ANRO2621
Junk in the Trunk 11 Discover all new appraisals from ROADSHOW’s Season 26 tour, like a find of up to $75,000!
  • Original11/14/2022
  • ANRO2625
Filoli Hour 1 Kick off season 27 with fascinating Filoli finds including a treasure of up to $330,000!
  • Original1/2/2023
  • ANRO2701
Filoli Hour 2 Golden state treasures shine at Filoli, with an appraisal valued up to $150,000!
  • Original1/9/2023
  • ANRO2702
Filoli Hour 3 Watch wow-worthy Woodside treasures at Filoli, with a $60,000 to $150,000 appraisal!
  • Original1/16/2023
  • ANRO2703
Santa Fe’s Museum Hill, Hour 1 ROADSHOW visits the “Land of Enchantment” on the hunt for hidden treasures in Santa Fe!
  • Original1/23/2023
  • ANRO2704
Santa Fe’s Museum Hill, Hour 2 New ROADSHOW in New Mexico with a $250,000 appraisal and more at Santa Fe’s Museum Hill!
  • Original1/30/2023
  • ANRO2705
Santa Fe’s Museum Hill, Hour 3 It's antique treasures galore at Santa Fe's Museum Hill with a $100,000 to $200,000 find!
  • Original2/6/2023
  • ANRO2706
Cheekwood Estate & Garden, Hour 1 Watch charming appraisals at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens, like one valued at up to $80,000!
  • Original2/13/2023
  • ANRO2707
Cheekwood Estate & Garden, Hour 2 ROADSHOW visits Music City for an astonishing $75,000 to $85,000 find!
  • Original2/20/2023
  • ANRO2708
Cheekwood Estate & Gardens, Hour 3 New noteworthy Nashville appraisals at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens. One is up to $50,000!
  • Original3/13/2023
  • ANRO2709
Wags to Riches Watch furry ROADSHOW finds that will be sure to leave tails wagging for more!
  • Original3/20/2023
  • ANRO2722
Did Grandma Lie? Find out if family lore is fact or fiction in this special episode. One item is $85,000!
  • Original3/27/2023
  • ANRO2723
Idaho Botanical Garden, Hour 1 Gem State treasures sparkle at Idaho Botanical Garden including a discovery up to $80,000!
  • Original4/3/2023
  • ANRO2710
Idaho Botanical Garden, Hour 2 Watch breathtaking Boise appraisals at Idaho Botanical Garden. One is up to $40,000!
  • Original4/10/2023
  • ANRO2711
Idaho Botanical Garden, Hour 3 You won’t be-leaf the top Boise find in the “City of Trees,” appraised for up to $100,000!
  • Original4/17/2023
  • ANRO2712
Shelburne Museum, Hour 1 Get wowed by shocking finds from ROADSHOW's first hour at Shelburne Museum!
  • Original4/24/2023
  • ANRO2713
Shelburne Museum, Hour 2 Visit the Green Mountain State for colorful finds. One is $50,000 to $125,000!
  • Original5/1/2023
  • ANRO2714
Shelburne Museum, Hour 3 Watch vibrant Vermont treasures from Shelburne Museum, one is worth up to $150,000!
  • Original5/8/2023
  • ANRO2715
Junk in the Trunk 12 Catch a trunkful of never-before-seen treasures from ROADSHOW's season 27 tour.
  • Original5/15/2023
  • ANRO2725
Vintage Hartford 2023 Hour 1 Travel to Connecticut’s capital for updated Season 13 finds; one went up to $60,000!
  • Original10/2/2023
  • ANRO2716
Vintage Hartford 2023 Hour 2 Travel to Connecticut’s capital for updated Season 13 finds; one went up to $60,000!
  • Original10/9/2023
  • ANRO2717
Vintage Chattanooga Hour 1 Check out updated Chattanooga appraisals from 2009, including one $250,000 find!
  • Original10/23/2023
  • ANRO2718
Thrills and Chills Trick or treat yourself to ROADSHOW's thrilling and chilling Halloween special!
  • Original10/30/2023
  • ANRO2724
Vintage Chattanooga Hour 2 Travel back to 2009 for terrific Tennessee treasures, like a $25,000 to $35,000 find!
  • Original11/6/2023
  • ANRO2719
Vintage Dallas Hour 1 Everything is bigger in Texas, including an updated $150,000 top find!
  • Original11/13/2023
  • ANRO2720
Vintage Dallas Hour 2 Discover which delightful Dallas find has an updated value of $50,000 to $100,000.
  • Original11/20/2023
  • ANRO2721
Alaska Native Heritage Center Hour 1 Kick off Season 28 with ROADSHOW’s first Alaska visit and a find worth up to $100,000!
  • Original1/8/2024
  • ANRO2801
Alaska Native Heritage Center Hour 2 Anchor down in Anchorage with abundant Alaskan appraisals including a find up to $125,000!
  • Original1/15/2024
  • ANRO2802
Alaska Native Heritage Center Hour 3 Wrap up ROADSHOW’s first-ever visit to Alaska with a $150,000 to $200,000 treasure!
  • Original1/22/2024
  • ANRO2803
Old Sturbridge Village Hour 1 See marvelous Massachusetts treasures, including the season’s top find worth $500,000!
  • Original1/29/2024
  • ANRO2804
North Carolina Museum of Art Hour 1 ROADSHOW heads to Raleigh in search of treasures at the North Carolina Museum of Art!
  • Original4/1/2024
  • ANRO2810
North Carolina Museum of Art Hour 2 View ravishing Raleigh finds at the North Carolina Museum of Art. One is up to $100,000!
  • Original4/15/2024
  • ANRO2811
North Carolina Museum of Art Hour 3 Wrap up ROADSHOW's final hour in Raleigh, NC with an appraisal worth up to 120,000!
  • Original4/22/2024
  • ANRO2812
Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, Hour 1 Head to Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens in Akron, OH for treasures and a find up to $375,000!
  • Original4/29/2024
  • ANRO2813
Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, Hour 2 Get wowed by treasures at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, like one valued at up to $125,000!
  • Original5/6/2024
  • ANRO2814
Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, Hour 3 Visit Akron, OH for astonishing finds, including one $120,000 to 80,000 treasure!
  • Original5/13/2024
  • ANRO2815
Junk in the Trunk 13 Travel to all five cities of ROADSHOW's Season 28 Tour for never-before-seen appraisals!
  • Original5/20/2024
  • ANRO2825
I Was There Hear ROADSHOW guests’ stories and see some incredible mementos from their experiences!
  • Original5/27/2024
  • ANRO2822