Love in the Time of Fentanyl A drug consumption site gives hope to a community ravaged by the overdose crisis.
  • INLE
Wilhemina’s War

Witness a Southern grandmother’s struggles to help her family through the scourge of HIV.

  • Original2/29/2016
  • INLE1711

Explore the complex life of Winnie Mandela and her decades-long struggle to bring down Apartheid.

  • Original2/5/2018
  • INLE
People's Republic of Desire

For young Chinese raised on social media, virtual relationships are replacing real-life connections.

  • Original2/25/2019
  • INLE2012
Decade of Fire

Discover why the Bronx burned in the 1970s and meet those who chose to resist, remain and rebuild.

  • Original11/4/2019
  • INLE2102

Discover the inspiring true story of legendary Alaska Native dogsled champion George Attla.

  • Original12/16/2019
  • INLE2105
Jim Allison: Breakthrough

Meet a visionary doctor discovering a new way to use the immune system to help defeat cancer.

  • Original4/27/2020
  • INLE2115
Pipe Dreams

Follow four ultra-talented young people playing in the Canadian International Organ Competition.

  • Original6/22/2020
  • INLE2119
Coded Bias Join the fight to expose threats to civil liberties posed by our new data-driven, automated world.
  • Original3/22/2021
  • INLE2211
A Reckoning in Boston A white filmmaker collaborates with Clemente Course students of color to reckon racial history.
  • Original1/17/2022
  • INLE2306
Missing in Brooks County An activist detective searches for missing migrants in rural South Texas.
  • Original1/31/2022
  • INLE2307
Owned: A Tale of Two Americas Exposé on how American housing policy has been manipulated for years in discriminatory ways.
  • Original2/7/2022
  • INLE2308
Bulletproof A provocative look at what Americans will do to feel safe in schools.
  • Original2/14/2022
  • INLE2309
Apart Three formerly incarcerated mothers fight to rebuild their lives outside of prison.
  • Original2/21/2022
  • INLE2310
Writing with Fire India’s women journalists risk everything to redefine power.
  • Original3/28/2022
  • INLE2311
AWARE: Glimpses of Consciousness Six brilliant researchers from around the world take you on a mind-blowing quest to investigate existence beyond consciousness.
  • Original4/25/2022
  • INLE2312
Try Harder! San Francisco's Lowell High School, one of the best public schools in the country, draws high achievers from across the city into a fiercely competitive universe.
  • Original5/2/2022
  • INLE
When Claude Got Shot When Claude Got Shot chronicles five years in Claude’s physical and mental recovery journey, paved with all the complexities that race, violence, justice, and healthcare can possibly present.
  • Original5/9/2022
  • INLE2314
Scenes from the Glittering World A meditation on adolescence, trauma, and the power of connecting with an isolated Navajo homeland.
  • Original5/16/2022
  • INLE2315
Hazing Hazing explores the abusive—and sometimes deadly—tradition of underground rituals.
  • Original9/12/2022
  • INLE2401
TikTok, Boom Gen Z influencers and experts help dissect influential social media platform TikTok.
  • Original10/24/2022
  • INLE2402
Move Me A dancer paralyzed with a spinal cord injury adapts to life with a disability.
  • Original11/7/2022
  • INLE2403
Children of Las Brisas During Venezuela’s spiraling collapse, families find hope in El Sistema youth orchestra.
  • Original1/2/2023
  • INLE2404
The Big Payback The passage of the first-ever reparations for slavery bill in Illinois stirs up a national debate.
  • Original1/16/2023
  • INLE2405
No Straight Lines Five queer comic book artists journey from the underground comix scene to mainstream acceptance.
  • Original1/23/2023
  • INLE2406
The Picture Taker Meet Ernest Withers, iconic African American civil rights photographer—and FBI informant.
  • Original1/30/2023
  • INLE2407
Outta the Muck The people of Pahokee rise “outta the muck” to celebrate family history and big-time football.
  • Original2/6/2023
  • INLE2408
Storming Caesars Palace How Vegas activist Ruby Duncan's grassroots movement of moms fought for basic income guarantee.
  • Original3/20/2023
  • INLE2410
Hidden Letters Modern women in China keep alive the tradition of Nüshu, a secret written language.
  • Original3/27/2023
  • INLE2411
Free Chol Soo Lee The rollercoaster life story of Chol Soo Lee, a Korean immigrant wrongfully convicted of murder.
  • Original4/24/2023
  • INLE2413
Matter of Mind: My ALS Three people with ALS confront complex choices in this intimate exploration.
  • Original5/1/2023
  • INLE2413
Sam Now What happens when a filmmaker helps his half brother search for his missing mother?
  • Original5/8/2023
  • INLE2414
Silent Beauty A woman’s journey to heal from childhood sexual abuse and confront generational trauma.
  • Original5/15/2023
  • INLE2415
Mama Bears Conservative beliefs have defined their lives. Now they’re championing their LGBTQ children.
  • Original6/20/2023
  • INLE2416
Sansón and Me The life story of an incarcerated young man, told through dramatic reenactments.
  • Original9/19/2023
  • INLE2501
El Equipo An unlikely collaboration changes the course of forensic science and international human rights.
  • Original10/9/2023
  • INLE2502
Three Chaplains Muslim chaplains fight for change in the military. Inside-out approach to religious equality.
  • Original11/6/2023
  • INLE2503
The Fire A Texas town is thrown into the national spotlight when a local mosque is burned down.
  • Original11/13/2023
  • ATCV101
The Trial As the trial concludes, the people of Victoria, Texas, grapple with shocking revelations.
  • Original11/14/2023
  • ATCV103
Beyond Utopia The gripping story of families who risk everything escaping North Korea.
  • Original1/9/2024
  • INLE2504
Racist Trees In Palm Springs, a historically Black neighborhood fights to remove a divisive wall of trees.
  • Original1/22/2024
  • INLE2505
Razing Liberty Square The Liberty City public housing community in Miami becomes ground zero for climate gentrification.
  • Original1/29/2024
  • INLE2506
Sister Úna Lived a Good Death A wisecracking nun with stage IV cancer teaches others to live fully until death.
  • Original2/5/2024
  • INLE2507
Breaking the News Women and LGBTQ+ journalists launch startup The 19th* to buck a broken news media system.
  • Original2/19/2024
  • INLE2508
Greener Pastures Follow the people dealing with economic uncertainty and the healthcare crisis in rural America.
  • Original3/25/2024
  • INLE2509
If Dreams Were Lightning: Rural Healthcare Crisis Rural hospitals around America are closing at alarming rates, leaving communities without care.
  • Original3/25/2024
  • INLE2510
A Thousand Pines A crew of 12 Mexican tree planters travel the United States regrowing America’s forests.
  • Original4/1/2024
  • INLE2511
Matter of Mind: My Parkinson's A mother, an optician, and a cartoonist each navigate their lives with determination in the face of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Original4/8/2024
  • INLE2512
One with the Whale An Alaska Native family maintains a subsistence life on a tiny Bering Sea island where, if you don’t hunt, you die.
  • Original4/23/2024
  • INLE2513
Space: The Longest Goodbye NASA psychologists prepare astronauts for the extreme isolation of a three-year-long mission to Mars.
  • Original5/6/2024
  • INLE
The Tuba Thieves The central mystery of this unconventional documentary isn’t about theft; it’s about the nature of sound itself.
  • Original5/20/2024
  • INLE2515