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New Shade Pattern, HVAC Showroom Jenn improves a garden with a new shade pattern; Richard gives a tour his new HVAC center.
  • Airdate Thursday, April 25, 2024 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Original4/25/2024
  • ATOH2221

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Front Hall Closet, Block Retaining Wall Jenn Nawada talks compost; Jenn Largesse and her landscape contractor install a retaining wall in Jenn's backyard; Tom constructs custom built-ins for a front hall closet.
  • Original3/17/2022
  • ATOH2021
Fireplace Repairs, Pond Maintenance Heath talks battery voltages; Richard gives an overview on how to handle simple clogs; Mark repairs a fireplace; Jenn shows how to maintain a backyard pond.
  • Original3/24/2022
  • ATOH2022
Window Flower Boxes, Smart Electrical Panels Tom shares how he became a general contractor; Heath and Ross talk smart electric panels; Richard replaces a toilet seat; Jenn and Nathan build window boxes.
  • Original3/31/2022
  • ATOH2023
Sagging Fence Gate, Shipping Container Pool : Nathan shows how to fix scratches on wood furniture; Jenn Largesse installs a shipping container pool; Tom shows how to fix a sagging fence gate.
  • Original4/7/2022
  • ATOH2024
Secure Toilet, Tight Faucet Handle Nathan shares how he became a carpenter; Mark makes a birdbath; Richard fixes a wobbly toilet and a sticky faucet handle.
  • Original4/14/2022
  • ATOH2025
Vinyl Fence, Building a Beehive Jenn suggest plants for different zones inside house; Heath explains right way to drill holes for wires; Tom builds a beehive.
  • Original4/21/2022
  • ATOH2026
DIY Birdbath, Dog Chew Wood Repair Jenn suggest plants for different zones inside house; Heath explains right way to drill holes for wires; Tom builds a beehive.
  • Original4/28/2022
  • ATOH2027
Garage Door Replacement, Emergency Plumbing Fixes Ross shares why he became an engineer; Tom talks hammers; Richard shows how to control plumbing emergencies; Nathan replaces a garage door.
  • Original5/5/2022
  • ATOH2028
All About Hydrangeas, Refinish Deck Railing Jenn talks hydrangeas; Heath explains different types of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; Mauro refinishes deck railings.
  • Original5/12/2022
  • ATOH2029
Replacing a Toilet Seat, Full Mortise Lockset Repair Richard replaces a toilet seat; Jenn Largesse builds a pergola; Nathan repairs a full mortise lockset.
  • Original5/19/2022
  • ATOH2030
All About Succulents, Under-Sink Water Filter Jenn talks succulents; Richard installs an under-sink water filter; Tom builds a milk stool.
  • Original5/26/2022
  • ATOH2031

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