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Front Hall Closet, Block Retaining Wall Jenn Nawada talks compost; Jenn Largesse and her landscape contractor install a retaining wall in Jenn's backyard; Tom constructs custom built-ins for a front hall closet.
  • Original3/17/2022
  • ATOH2021
Fireplace Repairs, Pond Maintenance Heath talks battery voltages; Richard gives an overview on how to handle simple clogs; Mark repairs a fireplace; Jenn shows how to maintain a backyard pond.
  • Original3/24/2022
  • ATOH2022
Window Flower Boxes, Smart Electrical Panels Tom shares how he became a general contractor; Heath and Ross talk smart electric panels; Richard replaces a toilet seat; Jenn and Nathan build window boxes.
  • Original3/31/2022
  • ATOH2023
Sagging Fence Gate, Shipping Container Pool : Nathan shows how to fix scratches on wood furniture; Jenn Largesse installs a shipping container pool; Tom shows how to fix a sagging fence gate.
  • Original4/7/2022
  • ATOH2024
Secure Toilet, Tight Faucet Handle Nathan shares how he became a carpenter; Mark makes a birdbath; Richard fixes a wobbly toilet and a sticky faucet handle.
  • Original4/14/2022
  • ATOH2025
Vinyl Fence, Building a Beehive Jenn suggest plants for different zones inside house; Heath explains right way to drill holes for wires; Tom builds a beehive.
  • Original4/21/2022
  • ATOH2026
DIY Birdbath, Dog Chew Wood Repair Jenn suggest plants for different zones inside house; Heath explains right way to drill holes for wires; Tom builds a beehive.
  • Original4/28/2022
  • ATOH2027
Garage Door Replacement, Emergency Plumbing Fixes Ross shares why he became an engineer; Tom talks hammers; Richard shows how to control plumbing emergencies; Nathan replaces a garage door.
  • Original5/5/2022
  • ATOH2028
All About Hydrangeas, Refinish Deck Railing Jenn talks hydrangeas; Heath explains different types of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; Mauro refinishes deck railings.
  • Original5/12/2022
  • ATOH2029
Replacing a Toilet Seat, Full Mortise Lockset Repair Richard replaces a toilet seat; Jenn Largesse builds a pergola; Nathan repairs a full mortise lockset.
  • Original5/19/2022
  • ATOH2030
All About Succulents, Under-Sink Water Filter Jenn talks succulents; Richard installs an under-sink water filter; Tom builds a milk stool.
  • Original5/26/2022
  • ATOH2031
Basic Electrical Tools, Home Energy Assessment Heath talks basic electrical tools; Ross conducts a home energy assessment; Mauro shares one of his favorite painting tips.
  • Original6/2/2022
  • ATOH2032
Happy Father’s Day Ask This Old House team members talk about their mentors; Richard and Ross explain airflow; Tom finishes a baseball bat display case.
  • Original6/23/2022
  • ATOH2033
Moving a Ceiling Light Fixture, Tool Lab: Finish Nailers Kevin shares how he became the host of This Old House; Tom shows a trick for drawing an ellipse; Heath and Mauro move a ceiling light fixture; Nathan shows how to use finish nailers.
  • Original6/30/2022
  • ATOH2034
Crown Molding, Future of Solar Kevin shares how he became the host of This Old House; Tom shows a trick for drawing an ellipse; Heath and Mauro move a ceiling light fixture; Nathan shows how to use finish nailers.
  • Original7/7/2022
  • ATOH2035
Soil Testing, Adding a Receptacle Mauro shares why he became a painter; Jenn shows how to test soil; Heath adds a new receptacle.
  • Original7/14/2022
  • ATOH2036
Deck Chairs, Damp Basement Tom shares a quick measuring trick; Heath drills holes to run wire; Jenn Largesse builds deck chairs; Richard talks damp basements.
  • Original7/21/2022
  • ATOH2037
Pond Maintenance, Demilune Table Mark explains masonry finishes; Jenn talks pond maintenance; Tom builds a Demilune table.
  • Original7/28/2022
  • ATOH2038
Water Heater Autopsy, Classroom Composting Richard cuts open a failed water heater; Jenn and Nathan build a compost bin for a school.
  • Original9/29/2022
  • ATOH2101
EV Chargers, China Cabinet Repair Heath talks EV Chargers; Nathan and Mauro repair and repaint a China cabinet.
  • Original10/6/2022
  • ATOH2102
Doorbell Retrofit, Driveway Edging Heath installs a doorbell; Richard explains bottle traps; Mark replaces driveway edging.
  • Original10/13/2022
  • ATOH2103
Woodland Garden, Chimney Repairs Jenn plants a woodland garden; Mauro shows how to patch porcelain; Mark repairs a chimney.
  • Original10/20/2022
  • ATOH2104
Wallpaper Restoration, Gutter Repairs Kevin sees historic wallpaper restored; Heath explains GFCI receptacles; Tom fixes gutters.
  • Original10/27/2022
  • ATOH2105
Sandstone Repair, Awning Installation Mark repairs sandstone steps; Ross talks solar scams; Nathan installs an awning.
  • Original11/3/2022
  • ATOH2106
Paint Bathroom Tile, Hot Water Tank Replacement Richard replaces a water heater; Tom assesses woodpecker damage; Mauro paints tile.
  • Original11/10/2022
  • ATOH2107
Little Free Library Tom builds, paints, and installs a Little Free Library for an elementary school.
  • Original11/17/2022
  • ATOH2108
Antique Pocket Door, Shaker End Table Nathan installs an antique pocket door; Kevin builds a table with a maker in Atlanta.
  • Original1/12/2023
  • ATOH2110
Baby Proofing, Septic Systems Nathan, Heath, and Mauro baby proof a home; Richard explains how septic systems work.
  • Original1/19/2023
  • ATOH2111
Fire Pit Plan, Window Restoration Tom repairs an 1880s window; Mauro talks paint finishes; Mark and Jenn install a firepit.
  • Original2/2/2023
  • ATOH2113
Dimmer Switch Troubleshooting, Clothes Rack Heath troubleshoots a flickering dimmer switch; Tom builds a DIY-friendly clothes rack.
  • Original2/9/2023
  • ATOH2114
Shed Organization, Pea Stone Walkway Nathan organizes a shed; Richard explains furnace service calls; Mark installs a walkway.
  • Original3/23/2023
  • ATOH2115
Wetlands, Foundation Painting Jenn explores wetlands; Ross demonstrates IAQ; Mauro paints a foundation.
  • Original3/30/2023
  • ATOH2116
Fireplace Painting, Bathtub Tray Mauro paints a brick fireplace; Tom and Kevin build a bathtub tray.
  • Original4/6/2023
  • ATOH2117
Oven Ventilation, Wireless EV Charger Richard installs a new gas oven; Ross meets with an expert to discuss solar EV chargers.
  • Original4/13/2023
  • ATOH2118
Attic Insulation, Asphalt Parking Spot Ross insulates an attic; Richard talks irrigation repairs; Mark paves a parking spot.
  • Original4/20/2023
  • ATOH2119
Transition Garden, Granite Post Sign Jenn plants a sun and shade garden; Tom talks downspouts; Mark engraves a granite post.
  • Original4/27/2023
  • ATOH2120
Full Sun Garden, Radiator Floor Patch Jenn plants a garden; Mark cleans hardscaping; Tom patches a wood floor.
  • Original5/4/2023
  • ATOH2120
Cold Water Bathtub, Cornhole Richard troubleshoots a tub that runs cold; Tom and Kevin build a set of cornhole boards.
  • Original5/4/2023
  • ATOH2120
Flagstone Repairs, Tub Diverter Richard troubleshoots a leaky shower; Mark repairs flagstone steps.
  • Original5/4/2023
  • ATOH2120
Hand-Turned Spindle Replication Tom replicates a homeowner’s spiral-detailed spindles for their Queen Anne Row staircase.
  • Original5/4/2023
  • ATOH2120
Circuit, Table Saw, Fireplace Insert Heath installs a circuit; Richard fits a fireplace insert; Tom explains table saw safety.
  • Original5/4/2023
  • ATOH2120
Sawmill, Bar Top Nathan mills a slab of an old red oak and teams up with Tom to turn it into a bar top.
  • Original6/22/2023
  • ATOH2126
Girl Scout Community Garden The team helps a local Girl Scout troop rebuild a community garden.
  • Original9/28/2023
  • ATOH2201
String Lights, Kitchen Painting Heath installs patio string lights; Mauro color matches a retro kitchen cabinet.
  • Original10/5/2023
  • ATOH2202
Shower Valve Repair, Sloped Landscape Ask This Old House celebrates Lee Gilliam; Lee and Jenn refresh an eroding sloped yard.
  • Original10/12/2023
  • ATOH2203
Creosote Removal, Utility Cover Nathan builds a utility cover; Mark removes stubborn creosote from a brick fireplace.
  • Original10/19/2023
  • ATOH2204
Generator Hookup, Brick Lintel Repair Heath installs a generator transfer switch; Mark fixes a faulty brick lintel repair.
  • Original10/26/2023
  • ATOH2205
Double Pane Window, Paint Bench Mauro whitewashes an outdoor bench; Tom repairs a double pane window.
  • Original11/2/2023
  • ATOH2206
Rain Garden, Wrought Iron Railing Jenn creates a rain garden; Ross explains moisture meters; Mark installs a railing.
  • Original11/9/2023
  • ATOH2207
Winter Prep, Miter Saw Station Lee talks winter prep; Richard shows a water heater; Tom builds a miter saw station.
  • Original11/16/2023
  • ATOH2208
Paint Front Door, Generator Selection Heath discusses generator options; Jenn builds a worm farm; Mauro paints a front door.
  • Original11/16/2023
  • ATOH2208
Lathe Turned Segmented Bowl Heath labels a circuit breaker; Tom shares his hobby of lathe turning and turns a bowl.
  • Original2/1/2024
  • ATOH2213
Paint Wood Paneling, Play Kitchen Mauro paints wood paneling; Lee shears shrubs; Nathan builds a daycare mud kitchen.
  • Original2/8/2024
  • ATOH2214
Invasive Plants, Bidet Toilet Lee removes invasive plants; Mark discusses chimney caps; Richard installs a bidet toilet.
  • Original2/15/2024
  • ATOH2215
Wildfire Mitigation Jenn learns about firescaping; Tom fire hardens a home; Richard learns about goat weeding.
  • Original2/22/2024
  • ATOH2216
Shade Sail, Concrete Walkway Nathan installs a shade sail; Mark repairs a walkway; Celebrating Atlanta landscapers.
  • Original2/22/2024
  • ATOH2217
Grass Troubleshooting, Rocky Canyon Rustic Lee installs shade-tolerant sod; Ross discusses heat pumps; Kevin builds a side table.
  • Original4/4/2024
  • ATOH2218
Radiant Floor Retrofit, Cable Railings Richard installs radiant heating; Nathan talks cable railings; Jenn reviews the USDA map.
  • Original4/11/2024
  • ATOH2219
Rain Barrel, Pooling Patio Jenn and Nathan install a rain barrel; Mark installs a drain; the team shares new tools.
  • Original4/18/2024
  • ATOH2220
New Shade Pattern, HVAC Showroom Jenn improves a garden with a new shade pattern; Richard gives a tour his new HVAC center.
  • Original4/25/2024
  • ATOH2221