Van Gogh’s Ear

What did Vincent Van Gogh really do on the night of December 23, 1888, in the town of Arles?

  • Original12/14/2016
  • SEDE1602
Nero’s Sunken City

Follow archaeologists who are mapping underwater ruins of ancient Rome’s version of Las Vegas.

  • Original3/29/2017
  • SEDE1603
Leonardo: The Man Who Saved Science

Uncover new evidence tracing many of Leonardo da Vinci’s ideas and inventions to other scientists.

  • Original4/5/2017
  • SEDE1604
Hannibal in the Alps Uncover the mystery of how Hannibal crossed the near-impregnable Alps to attack Rome.
  • Original4/10/2018
  • SEDE1702
The Woman in the Iron Coffin

Uncover the story of early America's free black communities via remains of a woman from the 1800s.

  • Original10/3/2018
  • SEDE1605
King Arthur's Lost Kingdom

Uncover new evidence suggesting the legend of King Arthur began in a Dark Ages trading village.

  • Original3/27/2019
  • SEDE1703
Viking Warrior Queen

Join a team of archaeologists examining the history-changing DNA of a female Viking warrior.

  • Original7/7/2020
  • SEDE1804
Abandoning the Titanic

Join experts searching for a mystery ship that could have saved Titanic passengers but sailed away.

  • Original11/4/2020
  • SEDE1706
Lady Sapiens

New investigations from across the globe piece together the untold story of prehistoric women.

  • Original10/27/2021
  • SEDE1902
Hindenburg's Fatal Flaws

A fresh look at the Hindenburg explosion reveals the flaws that directly led to the disaster.

  • Original11/10/2021
  • SEDE1905
Archaeology at Althorp Discover one of the most significant British archaeological finds of the century.
  • Original10/9/2022
  • SEDE2001
Last Days of Pompeii What were the last days of Pompeii like before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius 2,000 years ago?
  • Original10/19/2022
  • SEDE2002
The End of the Romans Is history repeating Itself? Follow an in-depth investigation into the decline of the Roman Empire.
  • Original10/26/2022
  • SEDE1806
Decoding Hieroglyphics Research is revealing the hieroglyphic texts from within the tomb of an Egyptian scribe.
  • Original11/2/2022
  • SEDE2003
Hidden in the Amazon New evidence sheds light on the early indigenous societies of the Amazon.
  • Original11/9/2022
  • SEDE2004
The Sunken Basilica Explore the sunken remains of an early Christian basilica in western Turkey.
  • Original10/11/2023
  • SEDE2005
Jurassic Fortunes Discover the world of dinosaur fossil collecting, an unusual hobby with a growing market.
  • Original10/18/2023
  • SEDE2006
Eiffel's Race to the Top Discover the untold story of Paris’ most famous landmark and the race to top 1,000 feet.
  • Original10/25/2023
  • SEDE2101
Death in Britannia Uncover the only evidence of crucifixion in Roman-occupied Britain.
  • Original11/1/2023
  • SEDE2102
The Princes in the Tower Find out if the 15th-century murder of two princes in the Tower of London can be solved.
  • Original11/22/2023
  • SEDE2103