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A.I. Revolution Explore the promise, perils, and possible future of new A.I. technologies taking the world by storm.
  • Airdate Wednesday, March 27, 2024 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Original3/27/2024
  • NOVA


Nature's Fear Factory Scientists are reintroducing wild dogs to restore the park’s “landscape of fear” and with it the natural balance of the ecosystem.
  • NOVA4709
Secret Mind of Slime Meet slime molds: the brainless blobs that can learn, make decisions, and navigate mazes.
  • NOVA4712
Can We Cool The Planet? Scientists look to geoengineering and other methods to cool the planet.
  • NOVA4716
Secrets in Our DNA What can DNA testing companies reveal about our ancestry and health, and at what risk?
  • NOVA4801
Medical Racism (w.t.) In this timely report, produced by Firelight Films and directed by acclaimed filmmaker and MacArthur Fellow Stanley Nelson, NOVA takes a hard look at the evidence for medical racism in America.
  • NOVA
Why Sharks Attack

Uncover the science behind the hunting instincts of the great white shark.

  • Original5/7/2014
  • NOVA4111
Emperor’s Ghost Army

Investigate how and why life-sized terracotta statues were made for Emperor Qin Shi Huang of China.

  • Original11/12/2014
  • NOVA4120
First Man on the Moon

View an intimate portrait of Neil Armstrong, the first person to set foot on the moon.

  • Original12/3/2014
  • NOVA4122
Lethal Seas

Follow scientists who seek solutions to rising ocean acidity and see their breakthrough discoveries.

  • Original5/13/2015
  • NOVA4211
Arctic Ghost Ship

Unravel the greatest mystery in Arctic exploration: the fate of the Franklin Expedition.

  • Original9/23/2015
  • NOVA4216
Inside Einstein's Mind

Retrace Einstein’s thought experiments to discover how he reshaped our understanding of gravity.

  • Original11/25/2015
  • NOVA4223
Operation Lighthouse Rescue

Join engineers as they race to rescue a historic Martha’s Vineyard lighthouse from certain doom.

  • Original5/4/2016
  • NOVA4313
Super Tunnel

Join engineers as they build a massive new subterranean railway deep beneath the streets of London.

  • Original10/12/2016
  • NOVA4317
Ghosts of Stonehenge See how archaeological digs have uncovered new clues about Stonehenge and its builders.
  • Original10/11/2017
  • NOVA4414
Secrets of the Forbidden City Explore how China’s magnificent Forbidden City has withstood centuries of earthquakes.
  • Original10/18/2017
  • NOVA4415
Great Escape at Dunkirk Discover traces of the ships and planes lost during World War II’s epic Dunkirk operation.
  • Original2/14/2018
  • NOVA4505
Einstein's Quantum Riddle Join scientists as they grab light from across the universe to prove quantum entanglement is real.
  • Original1/9/2019
  • NOVA4602
Kīlauea: Hawaiʻi on Fire Scientists journey to Kīlauea volcano to investigate the eruptions that shook Hawaiʻi in 2018.
  • Original1/23/2019
  • NOVA4603
Decoding the Great Pyramid New archeological evidence sheds light on the stunning engineering of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • Original2/6/2019
  • NOVA4604
Dead Sea Scroll Detectives New technologies help unravel mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls—and uncover million-dollar fakes.
  • Original11/6/2019
  • NOVA4620
Decoding da Vinci Discover the science behind Leonardo da Vinci's masterpieces—and Mona Lisa's legendary smile.
  • Original11/13/2019
  • NOVA4621
Polar Extremes Paleontologist Kirk Johnson explores the dynamic history—and future—of ice at the poles.
  • Original2/5/2020
  • NOVA4701
Dog Tales Follow the epic journey of dog domestication and see what science says about dogs’ love.
  • Original2/12/2020
  • NOVA4702
Cat Tales Goddess, demon, house pet? What does science say about the human relationship with cats?
  • Original2/19/2020
  • NOVA4703
The First Alphabet Follow the evolution of the written word, from millennia-old carvings in an Egyptian turquoise mine to our modern-day alphabets.
  • Original9/23/2020
  • NOVA4713
Saving Notre Dame Scientists and engineers work to restore the Notre Dame cathedral after the 2019 fire.
  • Original11/25/2020
  • NOVA4709
Hindenburg: The New Evidence A revealing new investigation of one of history’s most iconic aviation disasters.
  • Original5/19/2021
  • NOVA4806
Butterfly Blueprints Explore how the scientific secrets of butterflies are inspiring technological innovations.
  • Original1/12/2022
  • NOVA4820
Alaskan Dinosaurs Intrepid paleontologists discover that dinosaurs thrived in the Arctic's cold and dark.
  • Original1/19/2022
  • NOVA4821
Ancient Maya Metropolis Explore great ancient Maya cities and why their inhabitants abandoned them.
  • Original1/26/2022
  • NOVA4822
Arctic Sinkholes In the Arctic, enormous releases of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, threaten the climate.
  • Original2/2/2022
  • NOVA4901
Secrets in the Scat Join biologists on an ingenious hunt for the clues hidden in animal poop.
  • Original2/9/2022
  • NOVA4902
Great Mammoth Mystery Sir David Attenborough explores a site with traces of ancient mammoths and Neanderthals.
  • Original2/16/2022
  • NOVA4903
Augmented An ingenious new technology allows prosthetic legs to move and feel like the real thing.
  • Original2/23/2022
  • NOVA4904
Determined: Fighting Alzheimer's Follow three women enrolled in a groundbreaking study to try to prevent Alzheimer’s.
  • Original4/6/2022
  • NOVA4905
Dinosaur Apocalypse: The New Evidence Striking new fossils paint a picture of life right before the asteroid impact.
  • Original5/11/2022
  • NOVA4906
Dinosaur Apocalypse: The Last Day Scientists use new fossils to reconstruct the day the dinosaurs died.
  • Original5/11/2022
  • NOVA4907
Why Ships Crash How could a single ship cause a major supply-chain crisis around the globe?
  • Original5/18/2022
  • NOVA4909
Ice Age Footprints Ancient footprints provide new evidence of humans and extinct giant beasts of the Ice Age.
  • Original5/25/2022
  • NOVA4908
Ultimate Space Telescope Discover how NASA engineers built and launched the most ambitious telescope of all time.
  • Original7/13/2022
  • NOVA4910
Ending HIV in America Science has made extraordinary progress against HIV. Can innovative drugs and therapies finally end it?
  • Original9/21/2022
  • NOVA4911
Saving Venice Rising seas threaten the survival of Venice. Can innovative engineering projects save it?
  • Original9/28/2022
  • NOVA4912
Rebuilding Notre Dame A team of engineers and artisans tackles the restoration of iconic Notre Dame Cathedral.
  • Original10/5/2022
  • NOVA4913
Computers v. Crime Is artificial intelligence making policing and courts fairer, or is it increasing bias?
  • Original10/12/2022
  • NOVA4914
Can Psychedelics Cure Psychedelics are unlocking new ways to treat conditions like addiction and depression.
  • Original10/19/2022
  • NOVA4915
Ocean Invaders Meet one of the ocean’s most beautiful and destructive species: Lionfish.
  • Original10/26/2022
  • NOVA4916
Nazca Desert Mystery Who created the Nazca lines and why? New clues to one of the greatest ancient enigmas.
  • Original11/2/2022
  • NOVA4917
Crypto Decoded From Bitcoin to NFTs, what exactly are cryptocurrencies? And how do they work?
  • Original11/9/2022
  • NOVA4918
Zero to Infinity Discover how the concepts of zero and infinity revolutionized mathematics.
  • Original11/16/2022
  • NOVA4918
High-Risk High-Rise Can skyscrapers be made safer, more efficient, and livable in our rapidly growing cities?
  • Original12/9/2022
  • NOVA4808
London Super Tunnel Thousands race to build Europe's biggest construction project–London's new railroad.
  • Original2/1/2023
  • NOVA5001
Star Chasers of Senegal A visionary scientist investigates the deep history of astronomy in West Africa.
  • Original2/8/2023
  • NOVA5002
Ancient Builders of the Amazon Archaeological discoveries reveal traces of ancient civilizations in the Amazon.
  • Original2/15/2023
  • NOVA5003
Weathering the Future Americans use ancient wisdom and new technology to fight extreme weather.
  • Original4/12/2023
  • NOVA5005
Chasing Carbon Zero Here’s how the U.S. could reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • Original4/26/2023
  • NOVA5006
Saving the Right Whale Follow scientists determined to save the critically endangered right whale.
  • Original5/3/2023
  • NOVA5007
Into the Megavolcano Investigate one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in recorded history.
  • Original5/10/2023
  • NOVA5008
Your Perception Deception Neuroscientists discover the tricks and shortcuts the brain takes to help us survive.
  • Original5/17/2023
  • NOVA5009
Who's In Control Dive into the subconscious to see what’s really driving the decisions you make.
  • Original5/24/2023
  • NOVA5010
Birth of the Sky See how Earth transformed from a barren hellscape to a planet capable of sustaining life.
  • Original10/4/2023
  • NOVA5011
Frozen How did life survive on a planet covered in ice from pole to pole?
  • Original10/11/2023
  • NOVA5012
Life Rising See how life made the leap to land, turning a barren landscape into a lush, green world.
  • Original10/18/2023
  • NOVA5013
Inferno How did life bounce back after a cataclysmic extinction wiped out some 90% of all species?
  • Original10/25/2023
  • NOVA5014
Inside China's Tech Boom The inside story of China’s meteoric rise to the forefront of global innovation.
  • Original11/8/2023
  • NOVA5016
The Battle to Beat Malaria Follow the quest to create a lifesaving malaria vaccine.
  • Original11/15/2023
  • NOVA
Lee and Liza's Family Tree A family turns to science in their struggle to rediscover a history obscured by slavery.
  • Original11/22/2023
  • NOVA5018
When Whales Could Walk Giant fossils uncovered in the Sahara Desert reveal new secrets of how whales evolved.
  • Original1/31/2024
  • NOVA
Hunt for the Oldest DNA Follow the quest to recover DNA millions of years old, revealing a lost world from before the Ice Age.
  • Original2/21/2024
A.I. Revolution Explore the promise, perils, and possible future of new A.I. technologies taking the world by storm.
  • Airdate Wednesday, March 27, 2024 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Original3/27/2024
  • NOVA
Easter Island Origins New evidence reveals the real story of Easter Island and the ancient builders of its iconic stone heads.
  • Original2/7/2025
  • NOVA5102