Premieres Mondays, June 19-August 7, 2023, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET

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Episode 1

Meet a new group of home cooks from across the country competing to win “The Great American Recipe.”

  • Original6/19/2023
  • 201
Episode 2

Join the home cooks as they face challenges for their best in-a-pinch recipe and favorite noodle dish.

  • Original6/26/2023
  • 202
Episode 3

Feel the love as the cooks prepare their favorite comfort food and a dish inspired by a loved one.

  • Original7/3/2023
  • 203
Episode 4

Join the cooks as they prepare grab-and go-meals and home-baked treats.

  • Original7/10/2023
  • 204
Episode 5

Celebrate with the home cooks as they prepare dishes for holidays and special occasions.

  • Original7/17/2023
  • 205
Episode 6

Discover what happens when the cooks have to swap recipes and then prepare a treasured family dish.

  • Original7/24/2023
  • 206
Episode 7

See how the cooks put it all on the plate in their last chance to impress before the finale.

  • Original7/31/2023
  • 207
Episode 8

Gather one last time with the final three home cooks as they get ready for the grand finale feast.

  • Original8/7/2023
  • 208